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6 Important Questions Commonly Asked About Respite Care

By Patrick Philbrick-Director on Sep 27, 2018 11:22:00 AM

We recently delved into the topic of respite care in our last blog. Respite care is care for caregivers. It is an option for caregivers to finally get some relief, because it is a temporary solution that provides institutional care for elderly, ill, or handicapped individuals, giving caregivers the break they need. Full-time caregivers often feel overwhelmed and like they have to do it all. The most important thing to remember is when you are overwhelmed, do not be afraid to ask for help or consider respite care. Here are 6 important questions surrounding respite care.

  1. When is the right time to use respite care as an option?
    One of the hardest things for family member caregivers to do is to give themselves a break. They often take on as much as possible, but eventually they must give themselves some relief. The timing of this varies for everyone and their situation, but there are some telltale signs or common time periods where people often utilize respite care. Say you want to take a vacation with your family or you have to travel for work. Consider using respite care to give you coverage during your trip. Perhaps you need it more often than just for the occasional trip. Consider having someone come in on a regular basis for a few hours each week. This would even give your loved one a chance to have social interaction and form a bond with someone over this time period.
  2.  How often is it appropriate to use respite care?
    The correct answer to this question is as much as you need it for your situation and family circumstances. Respite care should be used as frequently or infrequently as you prefer as it works with your family. Just take into account your dynamic and determine what would be best for all parties involved.
  3. Who should use it?
    Respite care is primarily designed for full-time caregivers who are in need of a break every now and then. It is an option for anyone caring for an elderly, ill, or handicapped individual. To assume a role as a full-time caregiver is a huge responsibility and everyone needs a break once in a while.
  4. Where does respite care take place? In home? Out of home?
    One thing that makes respite care such a great option is the convenience of it. Professionals can come to your home, which allows them the opportunity to understand the house, the family routine, and the overall dynamic. Additionally, the care recipient does not have to travel anywhere or be in an unfamiliar place. Respite care can also occur outside of the home as a temporary option. However, these facilities usually manage health or emergency issues where the individual stays anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.
  5. What kind of services does a caregiver provide?
    When determining what kind of services your outside caregiver will provide, first assess your situation and choose the needs you want outside help to assist you with. For example, they can provide anything from emotional support to personal care, such as bathing or feeding. They can even help with such tasks as preparing meals and shopping. It truly depends on your needs and requests.
  6. What about cost? How can I afford this?
    Costs associated with respite care depend on the services you need, level of skill, and time invested. Different levels of care will come with different prices. Professional providers can give you quotes after an initial assessment.

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