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A Faithful Servant To Our Country, Harmony Home Care Honors Ron

By Patrick Philbrick-Director on Jun 14, 2018 11:00:00 AM

Ron IselinWe enjoy celebrating our wonderful clients and today we want to focus on, Ron, and his dedicated and compassionate caregiver, Stacey.

Ron is a Veteran of the Korean war. He volunteered as a young man of 22 years because he got swept up in the wave of patriotism that was still sweeping the country after WWII. As he was waiting to board one of the liberty ships in San Francisco to head to Korea, President Eisenhower negotiated a cease fire with the North Koreans, which lasts to this day.

Ron was an expert marksman, having been trained at Camp Roberts where he also joined the Rifle Team. The Army taught him how to weld, and attached him to an armored tank division, where he served as a maintenance technician for the bulk of his service years.

Ron recalls that the respect for the military in those days was so high that he did not even need to own a car. He simply put on his uniform, stood out on the road, and stuck his thumb out. People stopped instantly and took him wherever he wanted to go.

After his service during the war, Ron returned to the United States in 1955 where he purchased his first home utilizing the new GI Bill. He remembers he paid the whopping sum of $12,500, which ran him $79 per month as a mortgage payment. Ron went on to use his welding skills later in life as a welder for the South Counties Gas Company in Southern California.

Ron also became a professional Jockey, racing horses throughout Southern California on some of its beautiful and famous tracks like Santa Anita and Del Mar. Ron still has buddies from the war days that he stays in touch with and looking back says he very much enjoyed his time in the service. He says he would do it again, and highly recommends it for any young person starting out and looking for a good start in life.

Many thanks to Stacey for being so warm, generous, professional, and reliable to Ron and his family. We love having you as a part of our Harmony family of caregivers.

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