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Administrator of The Pines at Placerville CA Interviewed by Harmony Home Health

By Patrick Philbrick-Director on Jul 17, 2014 12:30:28 AM


The Pines Crew The Pines Crew

Harmony Home Health recently sat down with the administrator of The Pines at Placerville. The Pines has just been awarded a 5 star rating by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. The 5 star rating is a much sought after and coveted award that is only achieved by a very skilled staff dedicating themselves to the finest care possible.

The Pines serves patients in all different stages of aging and care needs, from Alzheimer’s disease to hip & knee replacements, stroke recovery, cancer, and much more. About 30% of their patients are there for short term rehabilitation, and about 70% are long term residents. The Pines is a 99 bed facility that has served Placerville for over 50 years.

The typical resident faces challenges adapting to a new way of life after a major medical event. The skilled staff is there to help the patients have the best possible quality of life in facing those new challenges.

The uniqueness of The Pines comes from the direction of their parent company, Plum Healthcare. Plum purchased The Pines about two years ago, and according to Jared, has created a culture that has brought out the best in all who work there. Plum gives Jared the autonomy to make his own decisions on what is best when it comes to serving the community of Placerville and El Dorado County, yet gives him all the financial support he needs to accomplish his goals. The staff at The Pines really enjoy their service to the residents, and that sense of satisfaction is palpable throughout the building as you walk the halls.

Jared recounted the moment as his team first learned they had achieved a five star rating. They knew the day was at hand when CMS was going to publish the results. About 25 staff members crammed into one small office as they opened the CMS website. One by one the counted off the stars achieved. When they reached number five a deafening cheer could be heard throughout the entire building as the crew jumped up and down, laughing and hugging, congratulating each other on all the hard work they had shared together. The entire rest of the day was spent “high fiving” each other in the halls, and greetings of “five star” could be heard as people passed in the halls.

When asked to relay one memorable patient, Jared tells the story of a husband who brought his wife in for care. Because of a tarnished reputation in the past, the husband declared he “would rather die than take his wife there.” But because of insurance limitations, he was forced to bring his wife to The Pines. After being discharged back home, the woman was so grateful for the care she received, that she regularly invites the staff to her home in order to display her gratitude.

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