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AHH… I can Breathe Now since I hired Home Care for MOM

By Patrick Philbrick-Director on Oct 21, 2014 6:57:21 AM

Why It’s Never too Late to Call on Home Care Services in Sacramento, CA

Mary Ellen had constantly told her mother that she needed help at home. Mary Ellen was worried about her mother’s safety because she had two minor strokes and required the assistance of a walker to get around the house. She was worried that her mother would take a hard fall one day, either down the stairs or in the shower. She kept encouraging her mother to contact home care services, or agree to have her call on her behalf.Home Care Services Sacramento CA

For more than a year, Mary Ellen’s mother refused to even consider the option. She kept saying that she was fine and that she could take care of herself. This created an incredible amount of stress and anxiety for Maryellen. She would sit up late at night worrying that her mother might’ve fallen and couldn’t get to the phone. She didn’t live close enough to stop by on a regular basis. That simply wasn’t practical.

The amount of anxiety that Mary Ellen faced was significant. Yet, no matter what she did her mother wouldn’t seem to listen. Finally, less than a month ago her mother agreed that it might actually be time to consider some type of in-home care service.

Mary Ellen actually thought it might be too late because she figured these caregivers were long-term providers and might not take on her mother because of her physical condition. It got to the point where her mother was having difficulty getting around, even with the support of a walker. In other words, she was going to require a wheelchair and that meant Mary Ellen believed her mother needed to move to a nursing home or assisted living facility.

She called a home care agency close to her mother just to find out. She learned that there were plenty of services that could be offered to her mother that would provide the support she needed. They encouraged Mary Ellen to speak to her mother and have her mother contact the agency, or they would stop by to visit and discuss all of those options with her.

For Mary Ellen, it was an incredible relief to learn that it really is never too late to hire an in-home care service for an elderly loved one. Since her mother hired home care services, Mary Ellen has slept better at night and her mother seems to be in much better spirits because she is doing more than she had in years.

If you have an aging loved one who needs professional senior care, or are considering senior care home services for yourself call Harmony Home Care and talk to our care staff. They will be attentive to your situation, and provide clear and immediate options to help you deal with the difficulties you face.

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