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Jennifer Jarrett RN

Jennifer brings us 30 years of varied experience as an RN and a clinician. Jennifer’s medical career began as a young teenager, working with her dad who was an Oral Surgeon, assisting him in surgery and in the recovery room. As an RN she was a floor nurse at Santa Monica Hospital, the Charge nurse at a large hemodialysis clinic, then was the Charge nurse at a busy Ophthalmic Surgery Center, keeping the schedules of 10 surgeons, planning and scheduling and preparing patients for surgery, ordering donor parts, and recovering the patients after surgery. She also ran her own Acupuncture and Wellness clinic, working with many geriatric patients. She has developed a reputation as a very successful, compassionate, and caring healer. Jennifer establishes and maintains the very highest of standards of care that have set Harmony apart, and laid the foundation for our stellar reputation. She oversees all hiring, training, supervision and day to day care, being very actively involved with our clients and caregivers. It is she who instituted the requirement that EVERY client receive a nursing assessment, and have a nurse personally assigned to supervise every caregiver and be available to answer client questions and coordinate their care with other healthcare professionals. This has proven to be a huge asset to our clients who are often bewildered, frustrated, and discouraged by the complexity of the healthcare system.
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14 Simple Healthy Meals and Snacks for Elderly Nutrition

By Jennifer Jarrett RN on Mar 4, 2016 7:37:00 AM

As a nurse and a daughter, I strive to give my mom the right kind of nutrition she needs. But recently I noticed my mom wasn’t finishing her meals. In fact, there were times when the caregiver or I would put a meal in front of her and she wouldn’t even touch it. She would make silly excuses, leave the table, and putter off, busying herself with some irrelevant task. When I’d ask her about it, she’d say she just wasn’t hungry, and that food just didn’t appeal to her anymore. Elderly Nutrition can be quite a challenge. Just figuring out why they are not eating right, and then trying to adjust to their changing needs can be quite a challenge.

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Managing Senior Diabetes

By Jennifer Jarrett RN on Feb 7, 2016 5:23:21 PM

Senior Diabetes is a significant health risk. As we get older, our risk for type 2 diabetes increases. Among those older than 65, approximately 24 percent of men and 18 percent of women are living with diabetes. In the United States, about 1 out of every 4 people over the age of 60 have diabetes.

In a nutshell, type 2 diabetes is a condition characterized by high blood glucose levels that are caused by either a lack of insulin or the body’s inability to use insulin efficiently.

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Topics: Home Care Options, Caregiver Information and Support, Health/Medical

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