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Why Is Eating Kiwi So Important to Our Health? Find Out How It Can Improve Our Health.

By Patrick Philbrick-Director on Oct 28, 2014 9:32:54 AM

Elder Care in Sacramento, CA: Eating Kiwi Fruit

freeimage-4752383-high.jpgDid you know that kiwi was initially called the Chinese gooseberrybut was later renamed Kiwi by the New Zealanders. Over 400 varieties are known to exist. It grows much like grapes. If your senior parent has never tried kiwi before, now is the time!

Studies have been conducted to determine the health benefits of Kiwi. One study showed that seniors who are wheezing and coughing during the night stop experiencing these problems when they take five to seven servings of Kiwi. Kiwi is also beneficial to asthmatic patients. Eating 1-2 times can reduce the asthma. It is also known to reduce blood clots and to repair the body from DNA damages and subsequently may protect against cancer.

Nutritional Benefits of Eating Kiwi

Researchers from Rutgers University have found Kiwi to be the most nutrient-rich fruit. Kiwi can improve health by:

  • Preventing diseases such as some forms of cancer
  • Providing folic acid suitable for expectant mothers and also produces red blood cells
  • Providing vitamin C to help heal wounds and improve the immune system
  • Providing vitamin E to decrease the chance of getting heart disease

Kiwi has the ability to produce the following minerals:

  • Calcium and zinc for healthy skin, teeth, nails and hair
  • Chromium to regulate heartbeats
  • Magnesium to enhance energy levels
  • Potassium for maintaining body fluid

How to Eat Kiwi and Add it to Your Elderly Parent’s Diet

If the Kiwi fruit is not ripened yet, you can place it in a paper bag with a banana and leave it out at room temperature. This will ripen it faster. Kiwis can stay in the refrigerator for up to couple of weeks. The fruits can be eaten once they are thoroughly washed to remove residual pesticides. There are varieties of ways you can enjoy the kiwi fruit. You can use it in jams or marmalades, sprinkle the chopped fruit on top of pizza or use it to tenderize meat as it contains the necessary enzyme that can break down protein. If you want more help with recipe ideas and cooking, consider hiring elderly home care for your senior mother or father. Their needs will be met by a professional who can help them age well and keep their health as long as possible.

How do you choose the best kiwi? The best kiwi fruits look well-rounded and are very aromatic. They should not have scratch marks on them and must feel firm also. Separate kiwi fruits from other fruits once they are ripened, to avoid decomposition. You may eat the skin if you so wish, but only when you have washed it completely to remove residual pesticides and dirt from it. The skin is a good source of fiber. Your parent may not like the texture of the skin, so you can try it with them once and see what they think.

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