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Folsom Older Adults Collaborative, Sacramento CA: Featured Speaker, Patrick Philbrick

By Patrick Philbrick-Director on Jun 10, 2014 12:51:34 AM


Folsom Older Adults Collaborative Folsom Older Adults Collaborative

Folsom Older Adults Collaborative (OAC) is dedicated to helping businesses in the Sacramento senior care industry link together to provide the entire spectrum of care to seniors in our community. Together we share our special strengths, our insights into best practices, and network together to explore new ways to connect with the seniors that are seeking our services.

At this month’s meeting, our director Patrick Philbrick, shared with the group an overview of the training he provides to hospitals, nursing homes, and senior communities. The basic nature of stress that is common to caregivers was explored in an entertaining and informative model using larger than life “Dominoes.” The basic theory of Cognitive Behavioral Psychology was explained. It all begins with our thoughts, which include our beliefs and interpretations of life events. When a life event occurs, we have a thought about that event, followed by a feeling, which leads to a behavior, and ultimately causes consequences that are beyond our control.


Patrick Philbrick-Director/Harmony Home Health-Nursing Supervised Home Care Patrick Philbrick-Director/Harmony Home Health-Nursing Supervised Home Care

Stress is a common malady among caregivers. After all, we are dealing with people at the end of life. Often they have multiple ailments, are on multiple medications, suffering from varying degrees of pain, and they may not have been the easiest people to deal with even when they were young and healthy. Dementia can exacerbate these problems, causing patients to act out with fits of rage and aggression, even becoming violent at times. That is not to say that this is not satisfying work, helping anyone in need can be the most satisfying experience a human being can experience. But there are some difficult realities that lead caregivers to experience unhealthy levels of stress.

That begs the question: “If there are unhealthy levels of stress, what is healthy stress?” Stress is necessary for us to survive. A certain level of stress energizes us to perform our daily tasks. Stress hormones provide a vital function in activating our energy system to help us respond to the multitude of daily challenges we have: getting out of bed, making breakfast, getting to work, responding to hundreds of demands. Controlled levels of stress are necessary, but when that stress tips out of control it produces, harmful emotions and toxins in our bodies.

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