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Is Your Aging Loved One Moving In with Your Family? How to Prepare.

By Patrick Philbrick-Director on Aug 19, 2015 3:38:18 PM


Given logistics, distance and demands, families frequently find themselves needing to move an elder out of his or her home and into a family home with multiple relatives who can help. It's a bigCaregiver in Loomis CA transition issue for everyone involved, and the change requires everyone in a household to make adjustments as well. Even if the choice seems like the right thing to do, a move-in for a relative's Senior Care should be thought out carefully to avoid the new elder presence from becoming a source of frustration.

Bringing a Senior Relative Home
While a move-in with family is not as alien or foreign as moving a senior to a care facility, it is still a dramatic change. The elder is being relocated from a home he or she knew, the neighborhood, contacts, and fundamentally his or her independence. Mentally, the change can be very disturbing. So family members need to consider adjustment efforts ahead of the move, during and after to make the transition easier. A move should not be abrupt. It should be planned for, giving an elder enough time to get used to the idea so it doesn't turn into a negative shock.

Rearranging the Household
A move-in also has a big impact on everyone already living in a home. Ideally, a senior should be located on a ground floor. This eliminates or reduces the amount of travel on stairs which are a common tripping/fall hazard. Whichever room chosen, it means anyone or anything in it has to be moved out. But the change is far more; everyone has to get used to each other's traffic and habits. For example, children need to adjust to being quieter, not leaving their things everyone, and being conscious of not running through the house as quickly. Adults have to get used to another person in the home which can mean some assumed privacy, discussions, and even materials like personal files have to be moved out of shared areas. In short, a move-in is more than just filling up a room, it's changing how an entire home operates.

Making Adjustments
Families should anticipate they will need to make fixes to bathrooms and kitchens for use by a senior as well. That could include changing fixtures to provide safe use. A number of products are available to make bathrooms and kitchens easier to use for elder care, but relatives still need to do their homework. Finally, everyone should be able to find some place where they can have their "me" time. It's mentally important and often overlooked. Too much crowding gets everyone upset with each other, which is not conducive to a new living arrangement.

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