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Do You Know the Importance of Getting a Flu Shot especially for Seniors? Find Out Why.

By Patrick Philbrick-Director on Nov 5, 2014 6:14:53 AM

Home Care Sacramento,CA – Benefits of Flu Shots

Studies suggest that in United States, more than 90% of deaths related to flu and over 60% of seasonal hospitalizations related to flu occur in adults age 65 and above. The reason is quite simple. As you age, your immunity system weakens and this results in the elderly being more prone to catch the flu. With a weaker body defence, an elder person is at higher risk of suffering serious complications from flu than the young. Therefore it is very important for the elderly to have their flu vaccination in time, in order to remain healthy and unaffected while the flu is “going around.” As winter and cold weather hits, seniors need to put even more effort into avoiding getting sick.Home Care Sacrament CA

A flu shot contains antibodies that help in safeguarding the body against harmful effects of flu during the season. Each year researchers create the flu vaccines depending upon the strains of viruses going around combined with the severity of the weather. It takes at least two weeks for a person's immunity to set after taking the vaccination. For people 65 years and above, there may be two options of flu shots available- one a regular flu vaccine and other with higher dosage. One must consult with his or her doctor to ask about the best flu shot suitable to them. The higher dosage require stronger immune response, thus a person with weak immune system might feel weak for few days after taking the shot. For seniors, doctors may also suggest anti-viral drugs to protect them from flu or if they are already sick.

Along with flu vaccines, practice of good health habits is also vital for seniors and young alike. Covering mouth while coughing, washing hands more often and avoiding contact with people with flu is also necessary, especially for the elderly people with weaker immune system. Cleanliness around the place also helps in keeping the germs away, so better clean up before flu hits you and your family.

For people 65 years and above, it is important to promptly seek medical advice as soon as the symptoms of flu are apparent. This will not only help in preventing a harmful outcome but also help them in staying healthy and active in unfavourable climates.

For your senior parent who needs care at home, you can count on senior care services. There is nothing for you to worry about when you know your beloved parent is receiving the care they need. If you have questions about the type of home care services available, call the agency today for the answers to your questions.

If you have an aging loved one who needs professional senior care, or are considering senior care home services for yourself call Harmony Home Care and talk to our care staff. They will be attentive to your situation, and provide clear and immediate options to help you deal with the difficulties you face. Harmony Home Care provides services for the greater Sacramento, Placer, and El Dorado Counties including: Sacramento, El Dorado Hills, Folsom, Granite Bay, Roseville, Cameron Park, Placerville and surrounding areas. For more information, and a Free Assessment please CALL (916) 414-9100.

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