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Music for Memory: A Non-Profit Organization for Alzheimer's Patients

By Patrick Philbrick-Director on Sep 25, 2014 1:23:02 AM

Music for Memory: A Non-Profit Organization for Alzheimer's Patients


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New cutting edge research is showing that the people suffering from Alzheimer's/dementia may see improved mental functioning through the extraordinary power of music.

While there's presently no cure for Alzheimer’s, various studies have shown the advantages of music therapy for those suffering with Alzheimer's and dementia.

Our Music for Memory program is a 501c3 not for profit company providing free Ipods to seniors with Alzheimer's. The Ipods are programmed with songs that seniors enjoy and which provoke positive memories from their past.

This is not a cure for Alzheimer's/dementia, but an aid to improve the lives of people suffering from this disease and can be combined with other therapeutic activities to enhance the lives of those affected by dementia

Music can help to awaken, stimulate and improve cognitive functioning. Familiar songs help to unlock memories and are able to penetrate areas of the brain that are often affected.

In the advanced stages of memory disorders, it is quite amazing but even when most all other functions of speech, reasoning, cognition, and even performing simple tasks are gone, the ability to remember music, sing, and even play instruments can still remain intact.

We all need to feel competent, independent and in control, and people with Alzheimer's and dementia are no different. Music form Memory helps these individuals with the emotional well-being they crave and so richly deserve.

One of the biggest reasons persons with memory disorders fail at home is because of the challenging behaviors the disease can manifest. These patients suffer from delusions, hallucinations, and frequent frustration from not being able to do even simple tasks they used to be able to do with ease. When music is integrated into their daily schedule, these challenging behaviors diminish significantly and help increase the odds of the senior being able to remain in their homes.

Benefits may include:

ü Improved memory and communication

ü Overcoming withdrawal

ü Decreased agitation and depression

ü Increased overall happiness

Qualified candidates must have proof of confirmed diagnosis of Alzheimer's or any other type of dementia.

Music for Memory is brought to you by Harmony Home Care.

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