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Senior Care: Boosting Nutrition During Cancer Treatment

By Patrick Philbrick-Director on Feb 23, 2015 2:29:08 AM

El Dorado Hills, CA - Senior Care: Boosting Nutrition During Cancer Treatment

bigstock-Dairy-Products-And-Eggs-6901809.jpgThose who have gone through cancer or have dealt with a friend going through cancer know that nutrition tends to suffer. Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy tend to affect the person’s taste and smell. Plus, nausea is an issue, making eating very low on the list of priorities. Cancer sufferers need plenty of nutrients to fight the disease and when their diet lacks much-needed vitamins and calories, they risk their health. Encouraging someone to eat can be challenging, but there are some things that a senior care service providers can do to keep their client well-fueled.

Encourage Physical Activity

Getting your client moving won’t be an easy task, since chemotherapy can cause pain and fatigue. However, even short bursts of exercise can help in various ways. Physical activity can reduce nausea and boost appetite, so your client will be more apt to eat.

Place Importance on Breakfast

Although most people tend to eat their biggest meal at dinnertime, those with cancer tend to be hungrier first thing in the morning. Encourage your client to eat a big breakfast complete with fruits, eggs, toast and whole-grain cereals. Make sure to load up on the fiber and calories.

Add Spices

Taste buds are negatively affected by cancer treatment, making food taste bland and undesirable. Encourage your client to eat by adding spices for flavor. Onion, garlic, barbecue sauce, tarragon, oregano, basil, rosemary and chili powder are safe for cancer patients.

Serve Colorful Food

Offer a bevy of colorful fruits and veggies to your client. Apples, oranges, bell peppers, tomatoes and other foods with a deep color contain vital nutrients that will help cancer sufferers with their fight.

Avoid Foods With Strong Smells

Chemotherapy can do a number on one’s sense of smell. Certain foods that once smelled delicious may now be downright disgusting. Cooking or reheating food can release these strong smells, so if possible, serve fruits, veggies and snacks that can be served cold. You may need to avoid cooking eggs and meats, especially fish.

Fill in the Gaps With Snacks

It’s very likely that your client doesn’t have a hearty appetite during the day, but that doesn’t make food less important. Cancer fighters still need calories, so try to supplement with small snacks when possible. Yogurt, fruit, nuts, peanut butter on toast, cheese sticks and crackers can help add some nourishment to your client’s body. Fruit smoothies are also good choices, as they are easy to digest.

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