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Senior Care in Sacramento, CA – 5 Ways to Prevent Falls for the Elderly

By Patrick Philbrick-Director on May 2, 2014 1:02:00 AM

Senior Care in Sacramento, CAYour dear mother or father will be more prone to falls as they age. As a caregiver, you want to make sure you can lessen that risk as much as possible and prevent injury. In order to make your elderly parent’s home as hazard-proof as you can, there are several key things you should do. Getting more information is always a good idea, and since you’re here reading this article, you’re off to a good start. Another thing you should do is discuss your concerns and ideas with the senior care services in your area, because a professional caregiver can help your parent stay safe.

What can I do to prevent my Parent from Falling?

Start with one or more of the following steps right away. The sooner you’re able to make these changes, the safer your mother or father will be, and that difference could change the rest of their life.

  1. Be sure to remove any home hazards. Your aging parent’s bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, stairs and hallways could be full of potential falling risks. Pick up any boxes, electrical cords and newspapers that obscure walkways. Move plant stands and coffee tables closer to walls and away from high-traffic areas. Use double sided tape on loose rugs, and repair wood floors and carpets.
  2. Have your elderly loved one start a regular exercise routine. Keeping active will go a long way to prevent falling. As long as you have an OK from the doctor, have some gentle physical activity such as swimming or walking become a daily habit. By improving your parent’s core strength and balance, they’re more likely to right themselves if they trip, and if a fall does occur, it may not be as severe. Wearing good shoes in the house helps too; ones with nonslip, sturdy soles.
  3. Use more lights in their house! In every room and hallway, have night lights and lamps within reach for any needs in the middle of the night. Encourage your mother or father to always turn on the lights before going up or down the stairs. Have flashlights stored in places that are easy to access, and clear all paths to light switches that aren’t near doorways.
  4. Talk to your parent’s doctor about fall prevention plans. Some medications may have side effects that increase risk of falling, such as sedatives. If your parent has fallen in the past, be sure to secure that area to avoid future accidents.
  5. Make use of devices to assist your elderly parent. Some home modifications that make a big difference include hand rails on both sides of the stairs, grab bars in the shower and replacing wooden steps with carpet or treads that are nonslip.

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