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Stress Could be a Part of Elder Care, but Don’t Consider It ‘Natural’

By Patrick Philbrick-Director on Apr 14, 2015 1:26:48 AM

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Most people have a tendency to state that ‘stress’ is natural. Caregiver-Stress-300x200.jpg is a tendency because so many people deal with a tremendous amount of stress on a regular basis. Whether you are providing some type of care for an elderly loved one, you’re a caregiver working through a home care agency, or you’re a senior who has been relying on some type of elder care, stress may enter into the equation at some point in time.

What is stress?

Stress describes the relationship between the mind and body. It is directly connected to the fight or flight instinctual response that a person has to a potential threat. In order to fully understand this, it’s important to realize the brain only processes information in the form of electrical impulses. When you smell something fragrant, the aroma triggers certain nerve endings in the nose that send a signal into the brain which then begins to associate it with something else, thus defining it, and relaying that information to your conscious brain levels. It’s the same when you touch a hot stove and burn your fingers. There is no actual pain in your fingers but what the brain interprets based on electrical impulses sent to the brain.

So, whenever somebody is under a great deal of stress, the brain is registering it as a threat to the body itself. It’s a threat to life, whether it is imagined or not; the brain can’t tell the difference. So, when a person is under a significant amount of stress, it’s a continual fight or flight response that is being generated, processed, and resolved by either the brain telling the body to stay and deal with it or run away.

Continued stress is simply not natural. These mechanisms were only designed through nature to help the individual survive. If the senior, the caregiver, a family member, or somebody else is feeling overwhelmed with stress through the aspect of elder care, it’s important to address it as soon as possible.

National Stress Awareness Day is April 16th and any family member who feels overwhelmed by the stress of caring for their loved one should consider talking to their family and loved one about professional elder care services. Any senior who is feeling stressed and anxious on a regular basis as a result of diminished strength and ability to take care of themselves should consider hiring an experienced and professional caregiver to not only alleviate the stress, but to remain safe within the comfort of their home.

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