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Stress Management Seminar for Hospitals and Nursing Facilities, Harmony Home Health-Home Care Sacramento

By Patrick Philbrick-Director on Apr 14, 2014 12:07:55 AM


Stress Management Seminar Stress Management Seminar

One of the very popular services we provide to our local referral partners is training for their staff in stress management. This in-service is available as either a one hour class, a 5 hour all day training, or a multi-week ongoing seminar that builds on the tools with each consecutive week. The longer the training the greater the impact on the staff. In its original version, this was a ten week course, 2 hours per week with homework assignments for the students to complete on an honor system. Each week the students would break into small groups and discuss their new insights and experiences with the group. The transformations in attitude were astonishing. Hundreds have reported a greater sense of well-being, less stress, and overall increase in happiness and satisfaction with life after taking the courses.

The curriculum was developed in conjunction with, and under the guidance of a clinical psychologist. The basic principles come from the science of Cognitive Behavioral Psychology (CBT). CBT was developed around 1980 at Penn State by Professor Aaron Beck PhD. The development was expanded later at UCLA and revolutionized modern psychology. Remarkable outcomes for depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and phobias were reported in thousands of clinical cases. In general the cure rate for these disorders is in the 70-80% range.

Harmony Home Health-Home Care Sacramento has developed our in-service based on the years of success we have experienced teaching these tools to thousands in our community. The success of these public service classes led to the publication of the book “The Worry Free Life” in 2007. We teach people that to have better outcomes in life, we first need to control our moods by changing the way we think. Beck and his colleagues discovered that every emotion we feel is preceded by “silent assumptions” and “automatic thinking.” Uncovering these hidden thoughts with the tools we teach is the key to coping with the health care stress that is rampant in hospitals and skilled nursing facilities.


Stress Management Seminar Stress Management Seminar

We recently enjoyed teaching these tools to the staff at Folsom Care Center and Asbury Park Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, and are producing a 5 hour CE event for Marshall Hospital in conjunction with Western Slope Health Center, and The Pines at Placerville Healthcare Center. After our talk to about 50 of the skilled and non-skilled staff at Asbury, the administrator thanked me, saying how desperately these tools are needed. We know that patients in these facilities can be extremely challenging at times, pushing us to the limits of what we feel we can cope with.


Stress Management Seminar Stress Management Seminar

Harmony Home Health director Patrick Philbrick would be glad to discuss bringing this very popular and effective in-service to your facility. Please call us today to discuss arranging a date for training your staff.

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