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Caregiver Insights: Senior In Home Care

By Patrick Philbrick-Director on Apr 18, 2016 10:17:45 AM

The Case Manager: The Key to getting the best Hospital care 


Have you ever been to a hospital, perhaps as a patient or a family member, and felt overwhelmed, or lost in the vast complexities of the healthcare system? Anyone who first visits a hospital feels this way. Where is my doctor, nurse, or case manager? What are they doing? What’s going to happen? When are we getting out of here? Who’s in charge? Are they ignoring us? Do they even know we’re here?

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By Patrick Philbrick-Director on Feb 9, 2014 9:56:00 AM

Reduce Readmissions


When it Comes to Readmission Reduction – Are You Working with the Right Home Care Provider?

Section 3025 of the Affordable Care Act added section 1886(q) to the Social Security Act created the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program This law requires CMS to reduce payments to IPPS hospitals with excess readmissions.

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