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Caregiver Insights: Senior In Home Care

Tripping Down the Stairs Means You Might be Taking on Too Much as a Family Caregiver

By Patrick Philbrick-Director on Jun 2, 2015 2:40:08 AM

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Taking on the role of a family caregiver for yourpretty-woman-and-senior-mother-300x200.jpg aging mother may have seemed like the right choice at the time. Even though you have numerous other responsibilities, including your main job, but you figured she wasn’t going to require a great deal of assistance.

Maybe she was going to be recovering from surgery at home, was hospitalized after she fell, had a mild heart attack, or some other health issue. You figured you’d be able to be there enough for her to provide the type of support she needed. After a while, though, you found yourself going over there more and more frequently. You were rushing around to get everything done at work so you could head out and get your mother’s house for an hour or two before heading home.

As the days turned into weeks, it became clear that this was also a full-time job. You had less and less time to take care of things you needed to, weren’t getting an opportunity to spend time with your friends or other loved ones, and the faster you tried to work, the more work you seemed to have.

Recently you might’ve been running down the stairs at your house or your mother’s house and took a little bit of a stumble. Fortunately you were able to drop the laundry basket or whatever else you are carrying to grab the handrail and keep from toppling over that could’ve resulted in incredible injuries and hospitalization for yourself.

What this means.

Far too often people are surrounded by warning signs they tend to ignore. This little stumble on the stairs is one of those warning signs. It is basically telling you you’re rushing around too much.

When you rush around, you increase the risk of tripping, falling, and being seriously injured. You also increase the risk of making a mistake, forgetting something important, and that could put yourself or your elderly loved one at increased risk.

What is the solution?

Some people, when they realize they are taking on too much and are rushing around, don’t see any other option. In truth, there is a solution. That would be to hire a professional home care provider from an agency. Even if you hired this caregiver for a couple of days a week, for just a few hours each time, that could provide your elderly loved one the support she needs and give you the time to help you slow down and remain safe.

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