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What to Give that Special Caregiver this Holiday Season

By Caroline James on Dec 25, 2017 11:31:14 AM

The holidays are a time for recognizing those who honor us day in and day out with their service. This includes those saintly souls who care for the sick, aged, and physically or mentally challenged. So here Caregiver Holiday Gifts.pngare 10 thoughtful gift ideas for the caregiver in your life.

First Idea: Bluetooth/Hands-Free Device

Many older or economically disadvantaged clients still have old-fashioned corded phones in their homes. This can make things difficult for the person's aide if she needs to make or receive a call while tending to other duties. A Bluetooth device or other hands-free product can make all the difference in the world in such cases.

Second Idea: Something Funny

Humor has tangible benefits for the person who's laughing, according to Psychology Today. This goes double for those who spend their time dealing with things most of us go out of our way to avoid. So give the gift of humor to a special helper this holiday season. A lighthearted movie or book can lift her spirits and help her to look at the world as a brighter, cheerier place. Just make sure you have a good idea of what she considers funny, as senses of humor vary as much as any other human quality.

Third Idea: Time

This may sound like an odd, even impossible gift to give someone. But what do caregivers have less of than most of us (money doesn't count)? "Time" should come to mind when you ponder this question. Here are some ways to help this special person have more of this very limited resource:

● Act as her personal assistant for a day or two. You can make her appointments, research topics about which she need more information, run errands for her, or even sit in with her client so she can take an evening off.

● Give her a gift card to local food delivery services. This can spare her the need to cook, while letting her enjoy dishes she otherwise is unable to enjoy very often.

A related idea is to take some time assembling or programming a gift that would otherwise require her to spend precious minutes or hours doing so. For example, a caregiver writing for AARP mentions that digital picture frames are a great idea, except for the fact that they must figure out how to use the device, select from potentially hundreds of images, and upload them into the product. Handling those steps for her can enable her to enjoy the gift hassle-free.

Fourth Idea: Peace of Mind

This may sound like another odd or impossible item to give others. In truth, though, there are many products which can help a stressed-out caregiver to enjoy added serenity. Ideas include:

● A tabletop fountain that will wash away her cares with the gentle sound of running water.

● A book or CD on meditation and relaxation techniques.

● A picture, statue, or symbol that holds personal or spiritual significance for her.

Mental self-care is vital for caregivers, who as a group suffer from depression more than the general populace, according to research published by the Mayo Clinic. Helping this special person to enjoy added peace of mind is a great way to make her burdens a little lighter. Here are some great ways to take care of your mental health.

Sometimes we forget how much our society depends on those who labor in the background on behalf of all of us. So take some time this holiday season to honor one of these very special people. Who deserves it more than they?

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