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When Home Care Services is Hired, It’s Still Important to Stay Connected to the Senior in Your Life

By Patrick Philbrick-Director on Mar 10, 2015 3:06:39 AM

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BigHug.jpgThe first time you realized your aging grandparents needed help, you might not have known what to do. You could have been at the hospital with a lot of other family members hoping that everything would be fine in the end. When the doctor came out and started talking about the stroke or heart attack or other medical emergency, he might’ve mentioned how important it would be for your loved one to have some type of home care services when they were discharged.

During the first couple of days after your grandparent was sent home, many family members were probably around to provide a great deal of support. This is certainly important, and even though professional home care services was hired to work with him or her, that doesn’t mean the rest of the family has to take a hands off approach in the future.

Some family members may have a tendency to step back and allow the experienced caregiver to provide the optimal level of care for their loved one. However, being there and staying connected to the senior is an important thing to consider.

Companionship and personal connections are crucial for mental well-being.

Human beings are social creatures and as a result they require companionship, conversation, and other interpersonal connections with people they know and care about. Family members can provide that for seniors no matter what type of health situations they may be dealing with at any given time.

The home care aide is certainly going to provide some level of companionship, but especially in the beginning it is going to be a completely professional relationship. Over time, the senior and the caregiver will possibly build a relationship and personal connection that extends beyond just the aspect of caring for an elderly client.

In either case, it’s a good idea to pick up the phone and stay connected to the elderly individual in your life so they know they remain important in your life. With today’s technology, it’s even possible to use videoconferencing software like Google Talk and Skype so they can see all of their family members when they are talking to them. Never underestimate the importance of that personal connection to family, no matter how many home care services a person may be relying on at any given time.

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